Briggs: I'm back at IndyStar — ask me anything!

James Briggs
Indianapolis Star
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It's a frozen Monday mailbag kind of day.

Now that I've been back at IndyStar for a couple weeks, I want to pull out an old-time newspaper columnist's tool.

Send me your questions!

Call it a mailbag, an AMA or whatever else you want. The point is, while you're trying to keep warm today, you can send me any question that's on your mind using the Google form provided below and I'll respond to some of them later in the week.

This might be a one-off or it might be a recurring feature if people seem to like it. Either way, I thought it'd be fun to try it.

Thank you for all the messages you've sent so far in my return to IndyStar. It's been a wonderful welcome back. I look forward to answering your questions!

If the form below doesn't load, click here.

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